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Executable Modeling                                            continued . . .

Executable modeling allows models to be tested as prototypes. Using executable modeling transforms the requirements analysis process.

"Prove It With Code"

A model is an abstraction,
one that should accurately
reflect an aspect of
whatever you are building.
But will it work? To
determine so, you should
prove your model with

The Practices of
Agile Modeling

by Scott W. Ambler.


Models are widely used, but are hard to understand
  Modelling techniques, particularly UML, are now widely known and used
 Normally, models are captured and reviewed as diagrams and text
 Models are very abstract and hard to understand if you are not an expert

An executable model is a working prototype
  Instead of abstract diagrams an executable model is a working prototype
 Exploring the prototype becomes a core technique for agreeing the model
 Participation in this process requires no technical training in modeling

Executable modeling transforms the requirements process
 It encourages focus on user needs, not technical design considerations
  It enables a wider review circle as more people can participate
  It makes review active (testing) rather than passive (reading documents)


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